Celso Sport has been a landmark for sports lovers thanks to the enthusiasm and dedication of the Compagnoni Family that has run the company for over 50 years.

Originally from Valfurva, the Compagnoni Family led by Grandpa Giuseppe – known by one and all as Beppo – decided to move to Bormio in 1952 where they bought a plot of land the same year. In 1954, the year an Italian expedition reached the summit of K2, they opened up a grocery store with a bar managed by Beppo himself. In honor of this great achievement by his relative Achille Compagnoni, he decided to give the bar and the store the same name: K2!
Ten years later, with no little farsightedness, Beppo decided to buy some land near the cable car station where his son Celso and wife Isa would one day build a house and the eponymous sporting goods store. Celso Sport opened its doors in 1962, beginning with a newsstand and a small ski service workshop.
Thanks to considerable sacrifice by the entire family, the store expanded and increased the types of product on sale in the early ‘70s to occupy two floors with a wide assortment of ski equipment and clothing.
Celso and Isa Compagnoni dedicated most of their time and energy to running the store in both good times and bad – 1987, the year of the Val Pola landslide, for example. Their three children Mauro, Elena and Marina began helping out and made precious contributions. With these forces available, the family was ready to take on its next big challenge: completely restyling the premises!
The early ‘90s were dedicated to developing a new image with a stronger and more constant effort by the entire Compagnoni Family that was soon to be rewarded. Customers repaid all this hard work with their loyalty, often stopping by the store just to say hello! In 1994, Celso Sport joined the “Rent & Go” ski rental group to give its clients the chance to rent skis, boots, and snowboards directly from the store. In 1995, the rental business was so busy they opened another center next to the Bormio 2000 cableway station, and in 2000, another one at the Centro Commerciale 2000 Mall.
Throughout the years, Celso has invariably guided Celso Sport activities with astuteness, and when the 2005 World Ski Championships were assigned to Bormio, he decided it was time to renovate and restructure the entire store from floor to roof. CELSO SPORT, opened its doors in December 2005, completely renewed in look and assortment.
In November 2009, the offer was expanded once again with a new two-storey sales outlet, CELSINO SPORT just 100 meters away from the cableway station.
Celso Sport in via Vallecetta was completely renovated to create an exclusive little “ski lodge” where potential customers could try on all the latest skiwear in the perfect setting.

From the first year it was founded, Celso Sport has renewed itself time and time again, but the enthusiasm to meet each and every customer’s needs by offering and suggesting the best has always remained the same.
Celso Compagnoni’s children continue managing Celso Sport activities with all their father’s dedication to service: Elena is always ready to give advice on the latest skiwear and fashion combinations; Marina has spent years on skis and always knows the best equipment to suggest; Mauro travels constantly in search of all the innovations to bring to the store’s old and new clients.