From December 1st, fidelity card holders will be able to collect the bag (while stocks last) with the 60th anniversary of Celso Sport logo in the shop.
The Celso Sport Fidelity Program is giving away special advantages and prizes. Visit any one of our sales outlets to get a Fidelity Card of your own for free!

The Celso Sport Fidelity Card is free and gives holders exclusive advantages.
Fidelity Card rewards your loyalty with points for every purchase you make. Always show your Fidelity Card at the cash register: every 100€ spent brings you points shown in the table below.

These points add up to fantastic prizes!

Get a Celso Sport Fidelity Card of your own by filling out the application form and handing it in at the cash register as your acceptance of the rules and consent to personal data processing. The Celso Sport Fidelity Card is completely free, non-transferable, and has no expiry date. Read all the rules at Celso Sport sales outlets.